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        The Most Recent Letter

        เดิมพันฟรี เล่นสล็อตแจ็คพอต

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        Recent Premium Artists

        • light notes
48 x 48 inches 
          June 17, 2021

          Robin Timms

          Robin Timms was born in Weyburn, ?Saskatchewan but has made the west coast of British Columbia her home for the past twenty years. In the…

        • Violin Mashup
36" x 24" 
acrylic on canvas
          April 26, 2021

          Ann deLorge

          Ann deLorge was born in Savannah, GA, but her painting roots are in New Orleans, LA from 1971 where she began her painting career in…

        • Invitation 
20 x 20 inches
Oil on Canvas
          April 14, 2021

          Jane Appleby

          Jane Appleby is an expressive painter, inspired by the Canadian landscape often painting outdoors on Galiano Island or within the lower mainland of Vancouver, British…

        Uping?Art Shows

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        Uping Workshops

        • Jan 23, 2022 to Jan 30, 2022 - Mexico Art Retreat for Women January 23-30, 2022

          ?DETAILJoin Ellie Harold?for?“Intuitive Painting: Permission to Paint Expressively,”?designed especially for mature women artists of all skill levels who wish to explore this medium for soulful exploration. The?retreat provides attractive acmodations (your own room!) along with lightly structured activities for centering, relaxation and low stress art-making. You’ll have plenty of free time to muse, paint, write and reflect while enjoying the colors, textures and flavors of San Miguel. This Retreat has the potential to transform not only your art but your life! You’ll return home with a specific art “care plan” to assure support for further creating. Details at?www.EllieHarold..


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